With a reputation that is second to none in the Event Greenery Industry that can be verified via long term, solid years working with such names as Tennis Australia,The Good Food and Wine Show as well as a number of modern boutique festivals and corporate events, we believe we would be a great fit for you.

Event Plants is a well established, innovative company here to help make your event stand out.

Event Plants can provide your event or occasion with everything from a single plant to an entire temporary landscape display. Our designers can work with your colour pallet and design to bring greenery and life to your event. Delivered and installed within your timeline.

With a wide variety of quality and unique products on offer, it will not be hard to find the perfect plant for your event, private or corporate function.

We also have a range of additional items available, such as fencing, decking, flooring, planter boxes and pots. Custom builds are our specialty so please chat to us about creating a one off piece for your event.

Please let us know if you would like a copy of the Event Plants brochure to review and distribute to your stakeholders who may be interested in brightening up an entry, stage or creating that visually spectacular feature that will make you stand out.

Environment and Sustainability

Here at Event Plants we strive to be environmentally aware and reduce our impact wherever possible by building many quality products out of re-purposed and recyclable  materials. We do not sacrifice the health of the surrounding flora and fauna for healthy stock. Therefore we use locally sourced, organic fertilizer made from environmentally friendly ingredients to ensure quality of stock and minimize local impact



“Saving the bees is literally saving the human race. If they go we go. There is nothing more important.”
The EP team are all for saving the Bees. It has a huge impact on our day to day life which a lot of people are not aware of. Bees are slowly being killed off and fighting against extinction.

Often only associated with their honey or unfortunate stings, honeybees are the world’s most essential farmers, responsible for pollinating approximately 65% of all food crops, as well as pastures that sustain the meat and dairy industries.  Their hard work results in $14 billion worth of food grown annually in the US alone.  In Australia, this figure is thought to be between $2-4 billion.  But the honeybee is vanishing in enormous numbers, with 30% dying or disappearing in some regions in just the past year.

Help the Bees

–  Teach your children to not be frightened of bees, but to respect and protect them

–  Plant bee-friendly plants in your garden

–  Stop using insecticides

–  Become a bee keeper yourself

We are leading by example, here at Event Plants HQ we have installed our first hives. In coming newsletters we will have information on how You can become part of Event Plants Bee Project !

Join the EP team and start saving the Bees today.